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Tooth bleaching systems and home teeth whitening methods to whiter teeth. Get that celebrity teeth smile the easy way with do it yourself whitening kits. Perfect teeth in days. Getting rid of those stains are a breeze with a home bleaching kit, most are suitable for sensitive people as well. Getting that bright white celebrity smile is a lot easier and cheaper than you though and does not necessarily mean and expensive trip to your dentist to get the beaching done.
If your a smoker there is nothing worse that the yellow stained teeth that is caused by the habit. Fortunately there are now a number of teeth whiting products that are available, many of these teeth whiting products are designed to be used at home. Professional whitening is still recommended for extreme cases, and you are urged to stop smoking now! but for general whitening your just throwing your money away. Home based teeth whiting is now very advanced and can you get a better result than many older professional whiting systems that many dentists still use, not only are the home based whiting systems better in many cases there also cheaper so you will save yourself a lot of money!
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Why have bad smokers teeth?  When whiter teeth are so easy?

There are two main methods available for home teeth whitening now, the more traditional bleaching products and the newer whiting lights

Smokers get rid of ugly teeth stains the easy way! Get whiter brighter teeth in just 6 days. Teeth Whiten is a dentist grade product that has great results removing smoking and cigar stains from teeth. You can see the results in less than a week!

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The results above were the result of using a home based teeth whitening system using tooth bleaching techniques, while this is the cheaper method and the one most commonly used by dentists over the past 20 years it is not suitable for everyone especially those with highly sensitive teeth.

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