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The best way not to get yellow stained tobacco teeth is just to stop smoking! and once you have whitened your teeth the last thing you want to do is have them slowly return to the very reason you started to invest in teeth whitening in the first place. Quit now and be fit for life with a whiter smile!

Approximately 42% of smoking Americans try to kick the smoking habit every year. Its not surprising to see the high rate of smokers trying to stop when you read the endless lists of smoking related diseases and deaths. 

The deadly ingredients in tobacco cause bad health problems like lung cancer, emphysema, stroke, smoking, including bladder, esophageal, chronic lung diseases, coronary heart and cardiovascular diseases, wheezing, shortness of breath, laryngeal, lung, oral, and throat cancers, premature wrinkling, high risk pregnancy, damaged taste buds, stained discolored teeth, and heart attack. 

The smoke is not only is deadly to the smoker themselves, studies have shown second hand smoke exposes people to the same 4,000 chemicals. Children exposed to second hand smoke are more likely to get asthma, pnuemonia, bronchiolitis, tonillitis, and wheezing. Children exposed to smoking at an early age are also more likely to become smokers themselves as they grow to become adults. 

Smoking and tobacco products include a long list of ingredients that are used from house cleaning to nail polish removing. Here are a few of the many ingredients that help ciggarette smokers "relax:" ammonia, carbon monoxide, acetone, formaldehyde, lead, nicotine, tar, and shellac.

Now that you have some good reasons to quit, here is some information on some helpful products you can buy to help you quit:

a. Bupropion SR-Available by prescription. Studies have shown to increase smoking cessation rates.
b. Nicotine gum-Available over-the-counter. Popular over the counter treatment that slowly releases nicotine into the bloodstream, thus killing the cravings slowly to surely.
c. Nicotine inhaler-Available by prescription. Nicknamed "the puffer". By inhaling, nictonie vapors are absorbed by the mouth. Nearly doubles the quit rates.
d. Nicotine nasal spray-Available by prescription. Similar to the nicotine inhaler but in nasal spray form.
e. Nicotine patch-Available by prescription and over the counter. The nicotine patch is a patch worn on the skin that slowly releases nicotine in the bloodstream. The cost is high, roughly $2-$3 a day.

All five of these medications have been approved by the drug and food administration. It's always best to consult your local physician regarding prescriptions.

When you are trying something hard like quitting smoking, be prepared for rough times and avoid putting yourself in situations that could cause a relapse. Quitting Nicotine and smoking is one of the hardest things to kick and can often take more than two or three tries. 

Avoid being around other people when they are smoking. Avoid drinking as alcohol lowers your inhibitions, and impairs your judgment. Be prepared for the nicotine cravings! Surround yourself with positive things that help keep your mind focused on your goal.

Alternatively, hypnosis can be an effective way to stop smoking. Hypnosis puts your mind in a relaxed state and thus makes it easier for it to accept statements and suggestions. It can work very well for some, but studies have shown that it may not be for everyone. I suggest trying it out and seeing if hypnosis is right to cure your smoking. If it doesn't work, go back to the regular methods to quitting smoking.


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