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The new plasma lights offer pain free and quick results for perfect teeth whitening, they are very easy to use at home and offer excellent results.

Perfectly White has the first ever at home laser whitening treatment. The Plasma light will increase the breakdown speed of Carbamide Peroxide, in turn releasing more oxygen which speeds up the whiter teeth in 7 days pain free bleaching process. The oxygen acts as a bleaching agent that whitens your teeth safely and effectively. This method is ideal for people like myself who are sensitive to teeth bleaching products, the light speeds up the process so only short periods of bleach use are needed for the maximum effect. Perfectly White is the first to offer this new teeth whiting technology online, the price is much less than you would pay at a dentists and the effects are up to 40% better.



I have been using the whitening lights now for about 6 months, the initial " bright white smile " came after about one week of using for about 1/2 an hour a day, but now my teeth are whiter I only need once a month to maintain the whiteness. It really is very easy and all but painless for sensitive teeth compared to using bleaching gels

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